Honeymoon in Costa Rica packages? It seems the end of border restrictions and quarantines is within reach and for many newlyweds across America that means it’s time to start planning the honeymoon. The honeymoons of our parents’ generation may seem a bit bland to most of us who are well acquainted with staying in a room for weeks at a time at this point. Nowadays, young couples are looking for adventures to share unforgettable experiences together, with stories to tell their future children.

In terms of an idyllic honeymoon destination, Costa Rica has pretty much everything you could want: beaches, resorts, and plenty to do. So planning an adventurous honeymoon there is relatively easy, as long as you know what you want to see or do beforehand. As Costa Rica is still a relatively new destination for tourism, information about what one can do there is still scattered among the various travel blogs online.

Here is a compilation of the best adventurous activities that will make your honeymoon destination Costa Rica unforgettable.

Honeymoon in Costa Rica Packages & Ideas – Hiking through the Wilderness

Every good adventure is filled with walking through a variety of environments and climates to reach lesser-known locations. With sprawling rainforests reaching out to the coast in all directions, Costa Rica has plenty of wilderness for you and your loved one to enjoy. Depending on your skill level, there are more simple walks which can be done unguided through the more populated national parks. Whereas for the couples who like to keep it extreme, there are guided multi-day walks which will expose you to some of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets: it’s wildlife.

There are many different hiking trails throughout Costa Rica, some of which celebrate biodiversity, while others will have you literally walking through clouds. Checkout our costa rica honeymoon packages.

Carara Biological Reserve Hike

With its paved path and most flat terrain, Carara is a relatively easy reserve to witness on foot, and boasts one of the last wild scarlet macaw populations. Ranging from wetlands with mangroves into deep rainforests, the range of terrain also offers the chance to see a range of wildlife. One can expect to see a veritable cornucopia of birds, as well as monkeys and sloths in the trees.

Arenal Volcano National Park

For those feeling more adventurous, the Arenal Volcano National Park offers the chance to hire a naturalist and see areas of regenerating nature where the flora and fauna are more unique. This national park is also manageable without a guide, although by hiring one you can expect to learn more about this wonderful location. The main feature of the park, the Arenal Volcano, can be seen from a variety of breathtaking angles which expose its dominance over the national park.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

The crème de la crème of Costa Rica’s rainforests has to be Monteverde Cloud Forest, which is truly unlike any forest you’ll likely have been in before. With a range of activities beyond hiking including ziplining, you may find you need several days here to see and do it all. There are many hikes one can do, including multi-day and night hikes. Be sure to do a hike in both the day and night time while you’re there, to see both sides of this heavenly landscape.

Honeymoon in Costa Rica Packages & Ideas Like Cycling the Mountain Bike Trails

If walking is a bit slow for you and your other half, you may consider some of the many mountain bike trails which allow you to test your skill while witnessing the wilderness. There is a range of different cycle trails throughout Costa Rica, but some of the best have to be the Las Catalinas Trail which takes you through the forest and along the coast. There are also rental bikes available at the trail which can save you both time and money on not having to bring your own. For elopement packages check this out.

A Quest for Equestrians

Wandering forests or tearing down trails may not be the kind of adventure you’re looking for, and that’s okay. If you have any passion for horseback riding, Costa Rica is again well-equipped to show you something you may have never seen. Popular on the many beaches, but also in the national parks (such as Monteverde), seeing Costa Rica from the back of a horse may be the element that makes your experience truly surreal.

Relax in Style with our Honeymoon in Costa Rica Packages

After a long day of walking or riding, you’re going to want a peaceful, idyllic location to spend your romantic evenings, and where better than the beach? Here at Ylang Ylang, we’re excited to make your honeymoon destination Costa Rica dream into a reality. Not only can we provide accommodation, but we can also help you to organize the adventures you desire, check out our website or contact us today.

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