After booking a room at one of the many hotels in Costa Rica, consider taking a horseback riding tour. You’ll find horseback riding tours available in most areas of the country, especially popular tourist areas. Most of these tours require advance reservations. Here are the best horseback riding tours:

  1. Monteverde to Arenal Tour. This tour lasts two and a half hours and takes you up close to the Arenal Volcano. You’ll travel through thick rainforests, jungle and farmland. The first leg of the tour ends at the Arenal Lake where you’ll take a boat tour of the lake. Then you’ll jump back on your horse for the return trip.
  2. Don Tobias Tour. This tour takes you through the fields and forest below the Arenal Volcano crater. You’ll travel partway up the mountain to a beautiful lagoon where the horses can take a break while you soak in the view of Arenal.
  3. Manuel Antonio Tour. Go deep into the rainforest near many beautiful waterfalls. After discovering the rainforest and its wonderful plants, take a dip in a pond fed by waterfalls.
  4. Samara Beach Tours. Ride horses along the Pacific Coast and through the beachside forests. The tour moves through nature trails where you’ll see many wild animals. Along the beach, you might see turtles as the trail goes through a turtle nursery.
  5. Nicoya Peninsula Tours. Visit a private coastal ranch that features a turtle preserve and part of a wildlife refuge. There are three tours daily in this pristine ranch.

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