How to Pack for a destination wedding

Planning for your wedding is stressful under normal circumstances. Now, imagine planning for that same event, but it’s a destination wedding happening hundreds of miles away. We understand the allure of a destination wedding. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have immersed ourselves in the Costa Rica destination wedding world. But we also understand how much preparation is involved with weddings and with travel, to say nothing of traveling for a wedding, which is why we’ve put together this guide to packing for your big day. Here’s how to pack for a destination wedding.

How to Pack for a Destination Wedding

Here is a small list of things to consider while packing for a destination wedding:


First on the list of things you’ll need to pack for your destination wedding is paperwork. This includes a passport that will be valid for at least six months. You should have your birth certificate and marriage license, but it’s a good idea to check with a wedding planning to find out what documents your destination country requires.

Make sure you also have credit cards, travelers checks and some cash. Notify your credit card company of your destination so your transactions don’t get flagged. You should also pack copies of your vendor’s contracts and receipts for any gifts you’ll be bringing through customs.

Finally, you should make sure you have cash set aside to tip your vendors. Place the tips in  envelopes and keep those envelopes in a bag that you’ll have with you when you travel. Talk to your wedding planner for your Costa Rica destination wedding to learn the local customs regarding tipping.

Wedding clothes

It’s a good idea to keep your wedding dress or tuxedo close at hand during your trip. Most airlines allow you to carry on your wedding attire. Some carriers have spaces where you can hang your garments while others require you to store it in the overhead compartment.

Talk to your airline before you fly to learn more and consult with the flight crew during your trip. In most cases they’ll be happy to help make sure your wedding attire arrives safely.

The rings

There’s much less work involved in keeping your wedding rings safe. Just keep them in a small inside pocket of one of your carry-on bags and keep your eye on them at all times. (That means no taking them out to admire them, no matter how tempting that might seem.)

Rehearsal dinner clothes

While it’s not as crucial as your wedding dress or tuxedo, you should still try to carry on your rehearsal dinner outfit if possible. Rather than having to put something together at the last minute, you’ll have an outfit ready to go when you land.

Things you can check

Some things you should keep close to you while on your way to your Costa Rica destination wedding, such as the rings, cash, or wedding attire.

But there are some things you can get away with putting with your checked luggage, such as daywear, clothes for the honeymoon or favors/gifts.

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