Learning to surf in Costa Rica is a rewarding and fun experience. Difficult, yes, but when you are finally able to stand up on that board for just a few seconds, there is no better feeling! Playa Grande, a 20 minute walk from Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica offers the perfect place for beginners to hit the waves. The long rolling white waves and shallow water allows for a perfect environment for beginners. Playa Grande is also known to offer a fun spot for locals and experienced surfers alike.

Surf lessons are the perfect addition to your beach vacation. The lessons we offer here at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort are through Young Vision Surf School and last 3 hours with a fresh fruit snack break provided. The owners and operators of Young Vision are all local young men who grew up in Montezuma, are great surfers and have a passion for teaching. They have Lifeguard and First Aid training and work with any age. They work hard to maintain their small local business and we love to support their efforts! Give it a try!

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