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When you plan your wedding, you pay attention to every detail. You plan the venue, the flowers, the dresses, the food, and the centerpieces – every last detail. One part that you cannot overlook when planning your wedding is addressing what happens after the wedding – your honeymoon. After you and your spouse are joined in marital bliss, nothing less than a perfect, romantic honeymoon destination will do – and the Ylang Ylang can help you make that happen.

Why Honeymoon in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is known for its romantic getaways and honeymoon destinations for couples all around the world. According to WithJoy the average cost of a Costa Rica wedding ceremony is $5,000 and $200 per person for the wedding reception. These prices are affordable as opposed to the average cost in America totaling $20,300 across all 50 states.

  • Average wedding in Costa Rica: $5000 + $200 per person (includes honeymoon)
  • Average wedding in USA: $20,300 (excluding honeymoon)

The Ylang Ylang Honeymoon Destination

The Ylang Ylang is the ideal location for a honeymoon because we specialize in romance. We understand that this is your honeymoon and it has to be unforgettable. This is your first trip together as a married couple – it must be amazing. We can help you plan every detail of your honeymoon, from reserving one of our luxury bungalows to mapping out a detailed itinerary for your stay. You and your spouse can enjoy a myriad of romantic couple’s activities and amenities. Contact us today and let one of our experts assist you in creating a honeymoon that will never be forgotten.

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