When staying at hotels in Costa Rica near Montezuma, you’ll need to find nighttime activities. Luckily, the area boasts a vibrant nightlife with many bars and discos open late into the night. There are also many different dance classes and retreats for those who want to avoid bars. In addition, there are street performers, who line the streets in town at night.

Two places to check out at night are the Café Organico and Chico’s Bar. Both are popular spots to hang out with friends and dance. The Café Organico offers coffee and organic smoothies. At night, live bands play traditional music in the laid back atmosphere. At Chico’s Bar, the atmosphere is more energetic. Live DJs blast tunes while patrons dance.

On the street, fire dancers put on a show for all to see. Multiple fire dancers dance to traditional Costa Rican beats, while twirling real fire. Puppet shows are common at night on the streets too. They tell traditional and local stories about the area and culture. You’ll also find many different, small shops and carts selling everything from jewelry to food.

During the late afternoon, you can take classes for Zumba and fire dancing. Or, you can head out to a yoga retreat. No matter what type of activity, the area offers everything. From food to dance to relaxation, you’ll find it in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

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