When you have been in a relationship with the same person for many years, it’s not uncommon to hit a  plateau, especially in the romance department. Over the years, two people become quite accustomed to each other. The “honeymoon” period wears off, and life, with all its struggles and challenges, sets in. Before you know it, romance has taken a back burner to work and family. One of the best ways to put the passion back into your relationship is with a romantic vacation to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is one of the most breathtaking countries in the world. Its lush greenery and expansive beaches appeal to people from all over the world. Costa Rica also has a natural ambiance of romance. There’s just something special about sharing time together in a tropical location, away from the turmoil of everyday life. What better way to connect with your partner again, than to whisk her off to Costa Rica for a romantic getaway?

Finding the right resort to handle your romantic needs is easy – just reserve a luxury suite or bungalow at the Ylang Ylang! Here, we have embraced the naturally romantic environment surrounding us, and made love and romance one of our many specialties. That’s why we offer various romantic packages for couples, along with special activities – each designed to help light the fires of passion again. Contact our staff today to learn more about our tasteful way of helping couples recapture the emotion that brought them together in the first place.

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