Eco-tourists love Costa Rica for all the untouched land in the small country. The rainforest always sits high on the list of places to visit. It’s one of the few rainforests on Earth that isn’t in danger. This is due in part to the Costa Rican government creating preserves to keep plant and animal life safe from humans pushing into the lush forests.

The rainforest is located in the central part of the country, but it also touches both coasts in some areas. The biodiversity in this area is really large. There are thousands of known plant and animal species, and likely many more never seen by human eyes. It’s the untouched beauty that drives eco-tourists to this location.

As you might imagine, inside the rainforest it’s wet. It rains a good part of the year there. Most areas of the forest floor are free of vegetation due to the lack of sunlight from the lush treetops. Inside the forest lurk many large and small animals, from the largest leopard to the smallest tree frog. Waterfalls and small springs are scattered throughout, just waiting for you to discover them.

In the mountains, the rainforest looks much different. The trees are shrouded by clouds, creating a cloud forest. Within this area, tree branches are not bare. Moss, lichens, and plants grow among the trees, high in the air.

When visiting Costa Rica, consider taking one of the many tours into the rainforest. Many tours offer horseback rides deep into the forest near Arenal, where you can see volcanic eruptions late at night.

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