Those who travel to Costa Rica likely do it to see the amazing beaches. The small, Latin American country is most well known for their beautiful beaches, some of the most beautiful in the world. The ocean waters are warm year round, and the beach communities have a rich offering of lodging and activities for tourists. More than two thirds of the country is made up of beaches, with five of the most popular listed here:

    1. Beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula. This isn’t just one beach, but a whole peninsula full of  beautiful white sand. The beaches here are not as lively as the ones closer to larger cities like Montezuma, but they’re a lot more relaxing and remote.
    2. Manuel Antonio. This beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. It has two horseshoe bays with pristine, white sand. Hills rise close by, topped with jungle vegetation. While there, you can visit the waterfalls in the hills.
    3. Playa Dominical. Playa Dominical is 30 miles south of Manuel Antonio. It’s a popular spot for surfers, with surf camps located nearby. Even for those who don’t surf, the beach is beautiful and quiet. There’s also good nightlife.
    4. Montezuma. Montezuma is one of the largest beach communities. It’s located on the inner part of the Nicoya Peninsula. The beach here is diverse with lots of local wildlife, waterfalls and tidal pools.
    5. Tortuquero. Tortuquero is located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. This beach is the most popular with the eco-tourists. The area boasts hiking, endangered wildlife and guided safaris.

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