top activities to do in costa rica

Top Activities to Do in Costa Rica

Getting married is one of the milestones of a person’s life. In our global society, this special occasion has been celebrated by getting married somewhere interesting, exotic, beautiful, and highly memorable. It just so happens all of those words describe Costa Rica perfectly! That’s why there are so many destination weddings here.

But you know…a wedding doesn’t take a whole weekend, and it certainly doesn’t take a week. While some people have no doubt gotten married in haste and secrecy, a wedding is typically a multi-day affair and should be approached like planning the best vacation of your life, with the high point being of course, the marriage!

One of the best things about having a destination wedding in Costa Rica with us at Ylang Ylang is that there is no shortage of activities available to entertain your guests and lend a sense of beauty and luxury to your destination wedding.

Without ado, here are some of the top activities to do in Costa Rica for you and your guests.

1 – Tortuga Island Day Trip

In our last post, we discussed the Tortuga Island Day Trip as one of great nature tours we have immediately accessible to us at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. We love this tour and all that it offers for us and our guests.

It is a perfect first activity to take a large group of people who are ready to experience the sunshine, great weather, and the sights such as the diverse wildlife you will see on the way to the island.

The Isla Tortuga is just a 50-minute boat ride away, this boat ride being the perfect relaxing commute to enjoy refreshing beverages, take photos, and mingle with the group.

2 – The Zip-Line Canopy Tour

Many people come to Costa Rica just to go zip-lining over the dense, lush canopy that is ever present through the country. After a relaxing activity such as the Isla Tortuga day trip, doing something stimulating such as a zip-lining will appeal to the adrenaline junkies in your group. Zip-lining is a very popular activity for a reason, it is actually much more safe than it looks provided that all rules and procedures are followed.

3 – Horseback Riding on the Beach

Marriage is a union in which two people decide they will tackle life head on together. A wedding should always feel special, surreal, and even dream-like. What is more fantastical than riding horseback on the beach with your beloved as part of this 3 ½ hour tour along 7 different beaches and jungle trails? Such adventure is hard to come by in our ordinary day to day lives.

During this adventure, you’ll stop for a break at the famous waterfall, El Chorro—which is one of a handful of waterfalls in the world that drop directly into the ocean.

Best Resort for the Top Activities to Do in Costa Rica | Ylang Ylang

People want to know what the best resort for a destination wedding is in Costa Rica. We highly recommend visiting us at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort.

We make things simple so that you can focus on what matters most, your wedding and festivities, your friends and of course, your loved one. With our wedding packages, everything can be prepared and/or customized to your special needs.

Ylang Ylang is confident that we can provide a top-tier experience for your vacation, wedding and honeymoon festivities. Contact us today to discuss planning and coordinating your wedding!

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