In an effort to help protect the sea turtle population, Montezuma has two protected turtle hatcheries. Turtle rescue in Costa Rica is incredibly important because of the theft of turtle eggs.

These organizations track the turtles that come up on the beach to lay their eggs and once the turtle has finished laying the eggs and is back in the ocean, the volunteers collect the eggs and re-bury them in their protected hatchery.

The mother turtles do not come back to retrieve their eggs, therefore posing no harm or suffering by taking the eggs and re-burying them. The volunteers then follow the dates until the eggs are ready to hatch. Once they hatch, they are collected and released on the beach to swim towards the ocean.

The walk from the beach to the ocean is where the baby turtles gain their strength and ability to survive in the ocean. Organizations like ASVO Montezuma and Refugio Romelia do great work in protecting and releasing turtles into the wild to hopefully restore and grow the sea turtle population in Costa Rica. Ylang Ylang is proud to work with them.

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