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Ylang Ylang beach resort in Costa Rica is your escape to paradise. As a top tier honeymoon destination in Costa Rica, our boutique beach resort is truly a place to getaway. Located on a white-sand beach surrounded by lush tropical gardens, exotic wildlife, and beachfront bungalows, our beach resort in Costa Rica is the perfect spot to vacation. The grounds include a freshwater swimming pool, yoga studio, spa, and our popular restaurant and bar. As a vegan cuisine resort in Costa Rica, we offer proven vegan diet solutions.

Examples Of Vegan Cuisine in Costa Rica

Many people from around the world identify as being vegan, and while cuisine in Costa Rica is largely vegetarian-friendly, it’s a little more challenging to find vegan meals. So, if you’re a vegan traveler looking for vegan food in Costa Rica, here’s what you need to know.

  • Rice and Beans – In general, Costa Rican food is simple and repetitive. The majority of restaurants in the country offer the same staple dishes. Rice and beans (carbs and proteins) are typically present in each dish. Fortunately, rice and beans are vegan as long as they are not cooked in a meat or dairy-based broth. Usually, they are not. Additionally, eggs served with rice and beans can generally be substituted for toast, fresh fruit, fried plantain, or a tortilla.
  • Rice with vegetables – The vegetables are cut into small pieces and mixed in the rice. The dish can be prepared with oil or butter, so if you’re vegan, make sure to have the restaurant confirm which ingredients are used before placing your order.
  • Fresh Fruit – Fresh fruit is always a good choice, and they are full of natural sugars and water to keep you hydrated. Local varieties include pineapples, mangoes, bananas, and papayas. Fresh fruit smoothies are also refreshing in the hot sun; just make sure you tell them to hold the yogurt.
  • Pizza – Vegetarian pizza will give you a break from the mundane. If the menu doesn’t list vegetarian pizza as an option, a pizza with vegetables (hold the cheese) is an excellent vegan alternative.

Vegans need to be prepared to explain what veganism is to Costa Ricans. Most restaurant staff know about vegetarianism but don’t have a clue what veganism is and how it differs from vegetarianism. Produce markets are open every day and another potential option where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s usually pretty cheap and locally grown.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for foods like Kale, Quinoa, Fresh Mushrooms, Arugula, or Napa Cabbage, then you’ll have to shop at a higher-end supermarket. But beware, these items are usually more expensive.

Tips For Vegans Cuisine in Costa Rica

  • Learn the food’s name in Spanish
  • Be very clear about what you can eat and can’t eat.
  • If you can’t find any entrée on the menu that works, order a combination of several appetizers or side dishes.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a request. Simply ask them to prepare your meal with vegetables instead of chicken.
  • Be flexible
  • Seek out vegan restaurants

Costa Rica isn’t booming with vegan restaurants, but several do exist. Fortunately for you, Ylang Ylang, your premier beach resort and honeymoon destination in Costa Rica, has plenty of dietary vegan substitutions. Our restaurant has a vegan menu with selections prepared especially for you.

Our Vegan Menu

  • Vegan Caterpillar Maki / Caterpillar
  • Namaste Rolls / Rollos Namaste
  • Spanish Gazpacho
  • Asian style coconut soup / Sopa Asiatica
  • Heart of Palm Salad / Ensalada de Palmito
  • Organic Rainbow Salad / Ensalada Organica
  • Grilled Thai Teriyaki Tofu / Tofu al Teriyaki
  • Blackened Tofu Steak with Passion Fruit Sauce. Tofu a la Maracuya
  • Savory Ylang Ylang Curry with Tofu
  • The Teriyaki Salad / Ensalada Teriyaki
  • Vegan Latino Nachos / Nachos Veganos

A Honeymoon Destination In Costa Rica That Has Your Back On Dietary Needs

For over 12 years, Ylang Ylang beach resort in Costa Rica has received the Certificate of Excellence awarded by TripAdvisor, and we are listed in leading travel publications, including Fodor’s Choice.  To see how we can cater to your needs, contact us today to book your dream honeymoon!

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