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Do you envision yourself getting married on a beautiful Costa Rican beach? Costa Rica is the ideal location for couples wishing to get married because of its breathtaking natural beauty. This article discusses the many advantages of getting married on a beach in Costa Rica, the services provided by Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, planning advice for your big day, and ideas for creating enduring memories from your picturesque beach wedding in Costa Rica.

Why a beach wedding in Costa Rica?

A wedding on a Costa Rican beach offers a romantic and picturesque backdrop, with stunning beaches and lush jungles. Ylang Ylang offers an intimate, romantic beach wedding experience, perfect for private ceremonies or larger celebrations, with stunning natural beauty providing breathtaking backdrops for photos.

Beach weddings in Costa Rica are affordable, as compared to other places. The wedding planners and service providers in Costa Rica normally provide personalized catering packages, rental options, decorations, and sound systems, making planning easier with local delicacies, individual decorations, and live music.

The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort: Ideal for weddings

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Costa Rica offers a romantic beach wedding with a picturesque private beach, lush gardens, and oceanfront villas. Our experienced wedding planners ensure all wishes are fulfilled, ensuring a memorable and unforgettable experience.

We provide catering packages with local delicacies, rental options like decorations and sound systems, and honeymoon packages to create a dream wedding without breaking the bank.

At Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, we ensure a perfect beach wedding in Costa Rica, tailored to your needs and budget. Our personalized services ensure an unforgettable experience, ensuring a perfect fit for any size or scope.

Wedding services offered by the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Our wedding services at Ylang Ylang  are catered to making your dream beach wedding a reality. We assist with planning, selecting a minister or officiant, and selecting a venue and catering. Additionally, our experienced photographers and videographers capture and share memories of your special day.

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort has options for ceremony and wedding venues. You can enjoy a beach ceremony with the ocean behind you and sand at your feet or a coconut grove ceremony on the grass beneath palm palms. 

Along with flower arrangements and amenities, the resort also offers lawyer and ordained minister services for your wedding vows. 

Our rehearsal and reception dinner menus are reasonably priced, delicious, and offer a wide variety of alternatives.

Ylang Ylang presents an amazing elopement wedding package for couples. From a tropical floral arrangement to a candle-lit dinner with a 3-course meal, a bottle of chilled champagne, professional photography, and couple spa treatments, your dream wedding is in great hands at Ylang Ylang! 

For those looking to go the extra mile, we offer bespoke wedding ceremony services, including music, seating, menu, and handcrafted favors, for a unique beach experience.

Tips for planning the perfect Costa Rican beach wedding

Here are some tips for planning the perfect Costa Rican beach wedding:

  1. Research locations: Explore Costa Rican beach wedding options, including resorts, villas, and beaches, before choosing the perfect location.
  2. Hire a local wedding planner: Local wedding planner assists couples in planning, coordinating, and coordinating their dream wedding.
  3. Book flights and accommodation: Book flights and accommodations ahead of time for a beach wedding, and host a welcome dinner or party to get everyone in the right mood.
  4. Secure necessary permits and licenses: Verify permits and licenses with local authorities for a beach wedding in Costa Rica.
  5. Arrange catering services, decorations, sound system etc.: Arrange catering, decorations, and sound system rentals for a complete package on your special day.

Choose a unique location for ceremony and reception, like Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, and incorporate local cultural elements for an unforgettable experience. 

Contact us and get your personalized dreamy beach wedding in Costa Rica planned with Ylang Ylang Beach Resort wedding services today!

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