Yoga in Costa Rica has become increasingly popular. For being a small town, Montezuma has a number of different yoga studios and retreat centers. Walking around Montezuma, it is very common to see groups of people in yoga clothes or carrying their yoga mat to or from a class, retreat or teacher training. Ylang Ylang Yoga Studio offers a number of classes to enhance your experience here at Ylang Ylang.

Our open air yoga studio is on the second floor of the restaurant building. It is made entirely of wood and has high ceilings to allow for excellent air flow. It offers views of the beach, ocean and palm trees. You can hear the sound of the ocean and birds while enjoying your yoga practice.

We have classes every morning at 8:30am and every afternoon at 4:30pm that last an hour and 15 minutes. We offer Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Flow and Kundalini classes with a number of different teachers. Yoga classes are open to everyone! We also host yoga retreats for teachers who are interested in bringing a yoga group!

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