Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is a place that offers something for all different kinds of people. A diverse cuisine that has something for all diets, adventurous activities such as ziplining or riding on horseback, or simply just relaxing. For most people, when they go on vacation they want to relax and destress. Yet many popular vacation spots are anything but! You go to New York, Chicago, London, Paris, etc, any of the major cities that experience high traffic tourism are not exactly relaxing. There’s always somewhere to rush, something to do, and schedules to stay on top of. Is this really a vacation? Maybe what you really need if you want to destress is visit us in paradise and relax your mind and body through the centuries-old spiritual practice of Yoga. It’s yoga in paradise!

What is Yoga?

Who would have thought Yoga could be so intimidating? Millions of videos of hyper-fit, svelte women and sometimes athletic men teaching courses and positions. Entire commercialized lines of clothing, brands, mantras, a whole lifestyle surrounding the introduction of Yoga in the west—who’d have thought yoga would have become so intimidating? But therein lies an unexpected problem. You don’t need to look any particular way, you don’t need to be in shape, you don’t need to dress a certain way or believe any particular thing to try yoga.

While many people associate yoga’s entirety with the portion of it that deals with practicing the asanas (the physical poses), there is more to it than that. Yoga is a spiritual practice, one which was used as a vehicle to achieve enlightenment. However, the great thing about yoga is that you do not have to commit to it as a spiritual practice to reap the fantastic health benefits associated with it which include:

  • Greater stability of various bodily joints.
  • Increased range of motion/flexibility which aids in injury prevention
  • Decreased cortisol levels (AKA the stress hormone)
  • Improved muscular strength
  • Cardiovascular health improvements

Stress in the Body

Yoga is already relaxing at home or at a studio, now imagine if that studio was in the beauty of Costa Rican beach resort Ylang Ylang. You could be doing yoga in paradise.

Believe it or not, stress gets trapped in the body. It’s very important to realize that the mind and the body are inseparably linked. When you experience mental stress, it starts to manifest physically. Your shoulders and neck become wound up giving you tension headaches. Your lower back starts to hurt because your hips and hip flexors are always tight and inhibited. Miscellaneous aches and pains seem to show up and leave intermittently. You get the point; stress exists in the body as it does the mind.

The reverse is true, however. When you release the body, you help release the mind. If you’ve ever stretched properly a day in your life, try to remember how that felt. How your body felt loose, limber, and free—as a result, you felt relaxed. This is the basis of yoga, freeing up the mind by freeing up the body.

Costa Rican Beach Resort Yoga

Once upon this page, you’ve found it with us. Fulfilling food, beautiful scenery that can be witnessed through our open-air yoga studio. Our classes are taught by our fantastic, certified yoga instructors who are excellent at guiding classes for people of all experience levels to enjoy and benefit from.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our vacation packages, yoga classes, or anything involving our services at the beach resort. We hope to hear from you soon!

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